Monday, June 1, 2009

You can dress him up (Clarendon Cup Edition)...

...but you still cant take him anywhere.

And I'm not talking about Stefan.

Look at that mess! Tie on backwards, button missing on blazer (it popped off just before I got there!), wires dangling everywhere.

You can tell I stayed at the hotel by myself. If my wife Dana had seen this, she would have killed me.

Lou Strader had to have this picture taken of me an Stefan. He said no one would ever believe that moto refs wear ties.

My family follows this blog, so here's some proof for them too.

Just an aside, I'm starting to look pretty good! I better keep on that bike.

The Air Force Classic.

Since no picture exists, lemme just say that it is possible to eat a Chipolte Burrito and pilot a motorcycle at the same time. I had to do this at the Air Force Classic since I didn't know where the food for the crew was and I had to get a hand up from Greg Hoffman at the feed zone. It was a good burrito.

Some other observations...

I think I got spoiled working as a Moto Marshall for the Air Force Classic. The speed of the caravan was incredible. Up to that point, I had thought our own P123 races moved at a pretty good clip. The Pro caravan is a thing of speed and beauty. It's just like it is on TV. I never bogged anywhere that I can remember. The whole ride was smooth and steady. Even when I was behind the breakaway that got caught with 2 laps to go.

I hope I get to do this again next year.

Oh wait...I get to do this next week in Philly. From behind the wheel of the Team Latitude/ABRT Elite Women's team car. with long time ABRT cornerstone and all round good guy Arch McKown as Director Sportif.

So I'll be in the caravan. Sweet!