Monday, April 21, 2008

15th Annual Carl Dolan Memorial Circuit Race - April 20, 2008

I can sum up my race with this one picture:

Thanks to Kyle (Pedal'n Around) Jones' wife for the picture. (That's Kyle being blocked out by my massive girth)

The 3/4 race was hard. Harder than any race i've done at Gateway. Including the 40/50+ race in 2006 with all the cat 1 and 2s in it. I dont care what any of those other skinny bastards in the race say about how easy it was. When you roll like do I do (pun intended) it's never easy.

I did have that beer!

My wife who came with me (and never got out of the car), accompanyed me to best Chinese place in Maryland, The Hunan Manor. Right there in Columbia off Deepage Drive behind the Three Brothers. I had a Tsingtso with my Peking Duck. Not the best beer in the world, but it hit the spot none the less.