Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is It Next Week Yet?

I'm ready for that rest and reco and I'm only one day into week 3 of base 3. Sheesh, this training shit is hard.

I started my week with a strange ride last night. I was supposed to do 3x15 Threshold intervals @ 250-260w. I hadn't gotten much sleep the previous 2 nights, 6 hrs or less. And I lost 5lbs last week too. That might be too much, even for someone like me who's eager to give it up. I took Monday off the bike. My wife started her new gig at Dryers in Laurel and we carpooled it. Besides, I didn't feel like riding anyway. I was still worn out from 4 days straight of hard, ass kicking rides. Even after the night off I still felt like hammered dog shit. I took off from the office to head home and after a 1/2 hr of warm-up and and some short efforts to test the legs, I determined that there was no way I was gonna be doing 1x15 let alone 3x15. So I rode endurance/tempo for the next 1 1/2 hours. Fortunately I had tailwinds most of the night because I was doing a point to point ride from my office in Columbia to my home south eastward in Crownsville. The winds were pretty strong at 15-25 mph from the northwest. Sometimes its good to get some help. On the flip side, the chill in the air sucked! Hard as I try, i cannot motivate myself that extra little bit to really suffer when its cold out. I need the heat dammit!

I got home and downloaded my 'puter into WKO and lo and behold, I've got a new 20 and 30 min. PRs. I've banged out a 25 watt increase on my FTP in 6 weeks of doing the Hunter Allen training plan from the back of his power book. I've also dropped about 15 lbs too.


I did that new PR with a HR 12 beats lower than when I set the original benchmark 6 weeks ago. In fact I think that's a problem too. I cannot for the life of me get close to my max of 191. Last night my HR for my new 20 min PR was at the mid range Level 3 for me. And to tell the truth, I didn't have it in me to go any harder than I did. I'm sure its because I'm wore out. I'm in week 3 of base 3 and between training workloads and the 10-11 hour workdays at the grind, I'm getting close to the breaking point.

Tonight were gonna try to do those 3x15s.



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