Monday, December 1, 2008

Fatguy Roller Pic of the Week - 11/28/08

Well, better late than never. It was a busy week and I never got much free time since my wife had the whole week off from the ice cream factory(Dreyers, where they and she specifically make Haagen Daas). It was a great week. I had off too so we spent a lot of quality time together in spite of me reffing at 3 cross races and doing 12 hours of training during those 10 days.

The payoff?

I'm down 2 more pounds to 207. Woo Hoo! That's 8 pounds from 11/1 to 12/1. I feel great and my clothes make me look like I'm malnourished. I'm shooting for an even 10 from 12/1 to 1/1/08. That will keep me on schedule for 170-175 before my A race, Walkersville Mas 35+ 4/5. While I don't expect to duplicate my old high school buddy, Marc Lefkowitz's win in this years event, where I got dropped on the hill by the barn, I will not be dropped in 2009.

To do this I am swearing off beer and ice cream for a while. I told Dana to not bother ordering ice cream for a while. It'll be tough giving up those pints of Dulce Le Leche, Vanilla Bean and the Dark Chocolate/Chocolate bars on a stick, but a mans got to do what a mans got to do. It'll be Skinny Cow ice cream bars (80 calories per) indefinitely.




GamJams said...

I scratched the beer itch all last season with fake beer. It's kind of like learning to drink coffee without cream. The first week makes your lips pucker up with every sip, but then you get used to it. St. Pauli NA and Kaliber are both good. Buckler is excellent if you can find it (and they used to sponsor a pro cycling team back in the day). O'Doul's amber is tolerable, particularly with Mexican food.

James Kline said...

No beer?
Well when you want you get back from this crazy exploit let me know. There is a place in PA, Shangy's, (near the inlaws) that has an awesome selection. I split a case (or two) with you.

James Kline said...

Please forgive the errors in that last post. I just finished a Le Chouffe and did not review it before posting it.

Fatguy Racer said...

Mike - I just cant do non-alcoholic beer. I'm not looking to get rid of alcohol, I just want to trim the non-essential calories off my diet for a while. Beer and Haagen Daas are the biggest non-essentials I got.

James - Why are not sporting the blue and green yet? When your done sobering up from the Le Chouffe, head on over to Bike Reg and sign on.

I'm down to my last 2 bottles of beer. A pair of Spaten Oktoberfests. I dont think they'll last the week. The question will be how long I can stay away from Perfect Pour to restock.

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