Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fatguy Roller Pic of the Week - 12/26/08

Howdy Ho!

Well now, this is a little more current. Taken on Christmas Day.

Now I'm sick and haven't ridden since that picture. I think my 2 hr day out on Wednesday doing cruise intervals may have put the nail in the coffin on a throat thing that I've been trying to stave off all week.

I have made it thru the holidays without too much damage. I may have gained only a pound or two. So far my size 34 jeans still fit comfortably.

This week was supposed to be the last week of Base 3 for me. 12 hrs total. Well that ain't happening. I'll be lucky to get in 7 hrs of that. Next week was supposed to be my rest and reco week, but it's looking like this is my rest and reco week. I'll have to move my 30 min TT test from Saturday to Wednesday so I will be as fresh as I can be for it. If I'm still feeling under the weather by Monday it'll be another rest and reco week for me with 6 hrs on the rollers.

I hate winter.

Bonus photo:

Believe it or not, I actually do workout. Here I am doing my best Eddy face. And I'm really sweating too. All you 45+ Cat 4/5 pukes better watch out next season. LOL!