Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Chamois Cream - Vagisil

I need to state for the record that I have never in my entire 46 years used chamois cream. And I started riding when shorts were wool and chamois was real. I can also state for the record I have never had a full blown saddle boil either. I have had the occasional chafe and rash. And by occasional, I mean maybe twice a year. The chafe and rash have never been severe enough to warrant the use of chamois cream on a regular basis. That's were Vagisil comes in. If i happen to have a little irritation down in the man parts region, Vagisil cures what ails me and in less then 24 hrs, it's like it never happened.

I guess I'm just lucky that way. I can tell you all that during race season, on race day, I've got cycling shorts on for 12+ hours. (Yeah i know, yuck!) I wear them under my protective overpants when I ride the moto. I've found nothing that will stack up to a pair of cycling shorts for an all day ride. I cant say I've never had Monkey Butt after a 400 mile day, but chamois cream wont help that anyway. There's a powder for that!

I don't use that either.



(In case you're wondering, I am man enough to buy my own damn tube of Vagisil. I dont make my wife get it for me)


chuck hutch said...

The only thing about Vagisil is it tastes nasty.

GamJams said...

"I am man enough to buy my own damn tube of Vagisil." That's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Why are you eating Vagisil???

Peps want to know.

Fatguy Racer said...

Anon - think about your question for a moment...

Now do you get it?

Anonymous said...

I think we know. But the question is why would you even attempt... Don't you do the sniff test first?????

Oh yeah.. I remember, Chuck can't smell anything.. read his blog on his feet.


LookersMom said...

way way more than I ever wanted to know about you Dude.

Fatguy Racer said...

Ease up Sis! I liken this blog entry to a PSA. I'm doing a service here.