Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fatguy Roller Pic of the Weeks 1/30/09 & 2/6/09

Howdy Ho Everybody.

No pictures again for 2 more Fridays.

On the plus side, my business is moving along very steadily and it's very hard work. I remember reading in Bryan Vaughn's blog a year or so ago how he ended up getting very large while building his business. I completely understand. I work harder for myself than I ever did for someone else.

I'm not gonna say I am putting this feature on hiatus, I just need a few moments to workout time management issues so I don't burn myself out and get back up to 260lbs. right now I've probably picked back up to 205, but I haven't lost too much of the base I worked hard on in Nov and Dec. I'm probably about 3 weeks behind the 8-ball.



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