Thursday, April 30, 2009

"GamJams Reviews: Shoes - Carnac Lemond

I bought the black Lemonds in 1996 from Mt. Airy Bicycles. I am still wearing them on a regular basis. They are with out a doubt the most comfortable cycling shoes ever made. They might also be the ugliest too. The words "clown shoes" has been mentioned more than once over the years.

The newer Ellipse model there next to the Lemonds are pretty comfy too, but I like the old school laces under straps.

I wish I could find a new in the box pair of Lemonds (or Legends as they were called after Carnac dropped Greg as a spokesman). I live a tragic life in that I cannot find a shoe that fits the way I like otherwise, I wouldn't be wearing 13 year old shoes.

I wear a size 43. ;-)