Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to look Pro...

...without the years of sacrifice and monk like devotion.

(photo: Dad)

In the interest of full disclosure the pro look didn't help me one iota from getting dropped half-way up the first of the 3 stair step hills a mile and a half before the start/finish in the Turkey Hill Classic 4/5 race.

Because I was looking all pro, I stayed in until I got thrown out. As fate would have it I had photo featured teammate, team co sponsor and all round good guy Brad Phumphrey for company with a few of his Cat 5 racers for a couple of laps after they got dropped in their race. Brad finished much higher in his race than I did in mine. His group was 2nd group in the cat 5 race and there were only about 10-12 finishers in the main Cat 5 group. Me, I probably finished 70 out of 75.

I'm not going to whine here, because it's totally my fault I'm as big as a whale. All I want to say is I love this race and cant wait to have another go at it in 2010.




chris said...

2010....there will be stone obelisks floating in space and HAL will determine humans as unnecessary. YEt until the end one must pedal..either the finish line or the oral command to bag it.

"El Carne" said...

was that you at Haines Pt. today???

I was in the Mexico National jersey with the blue bibs and armwarmers.

Fatguy Racer said...

That was indeed me. And thank you for the nice draft. I remember guys who can block wind well. It was my 1st time on the 'nooner'. I was seeing how intervals would work out. Sit in/Rest/Sit in/Rest etc. Not a very good place to do this. The lap is too long and the rest is longer then the interval. It was nice to get the HR to 180+ and hold it for 1-2 minutes at a time. I'm going to come about 2-3 more times before Bike Jam to get the speed work benefit and try to not get blown off.

I've been in the evening and now for the noon ride. I like the noon ride better. Seems safer, if not harder.

BradP said...

Could it have been those free hotdogs I saw you pounding before the race?


-Brad P

Fatguy Racer said...

I would'nt doubt it. But it would be wrong to blame food for my shortcommings.