Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctor, this man is dead!


Just a little humor based on last nights graph of my active recovery ride. It was a ride done on rollers in my basement. The green altitude line is meaningless. Whats really interesting is the noticeable cardiac drift. The 3 spikes in the graph are from standing on the pedals to relieve saddle pressure. My workout started off around 118 bmp and drifted to 126 by the end. I drank plenty, but my fan wasn't as close as i would have liked it. My guess is heat buildup.

This ride came the day after a pretty intense tempo sprints/hill repeats workout at the Gateway loop crit course. The loop is 2.2 miles around and is used for the Carl Dolan Circuit race. You can see on the graph the peaks for the sprints and the smaller peaks for the hill repeat where the start/finish line located. The beginning part is my ride over to the course from the office and the end is my ride back to the office taking a different route. I was hoping for high wattages for the sprints, but the workout prescribed said only do them about one gear down from tempo gearing (I was sprinting a 53x19 or 17), so the cadence was high but the power and speed remained low. Carl Dolan is one of my favorite races. It's in one month and I'm signed up for the 3/4 race. I'll be here every week until then getting in my repeats.

Even after last nights sedate roller ride I still feel like a hammered dog turd. I may be dehydrated. I have another tempo workout for tonight (I might skip it), a fast paced group ride tomorrow (I'll get dropped by McKendree Rd.) and a long day in the saddle on Sunday at a tourist pace with my B group buddies.

I sure hope all this overload is doing something, because I really am feeling overloaded and I've got my first race of the year next Saturday.

On the plus side, the diet is working and i've dropped another couple pounds in the last few days. So im down to 218. With any luck i'll be hovering around 213-215 for Walkersville next weekend.




Sean Sullivan said...

Actually that altitude line probably does a good job showing the humidity/relative heat increase around the rollers. Those things are usually barometric and atmospheric changes have an impact.

I would be interested to see where your power levels were at the end of the workout. I don't see any green lines... Then you could look to see if you were just fatigued or if core temp increase was to blame.


Fatguy Racer said...

Hi Sean.

I didnt know that about rollers and the Polar HRM. Interesting.

Theres no power for this because i was riding my IF. The power meter is attached to my Trek training mule. I like to do easy spins on the IF.

I'll have to ride the Trek next time...