Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week in Review: March 17-23, 2008

This will be a regular feature on my blog. A recap of past weeks training.

March 17-23 was my first week on the Hunter/Coggan 16 week intermediate plan. Truth be told, I started it by picking up the action on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday workouts were Friel power based plans from trainingpeaks.com.

My Annual Training Plan (ATP) called for 8:20 hours of workouts. My completed workload was 8:55.

The workout load was unusually hard coming off a relatively easy CTS training plan. 4 of the 6 training days were 'break through' type workouts. Tempo, Form Sprints, Lactate Threshold and more Tempo. 3 days on rollers and 3 days on the road. One of my road days was in a crappy cold drizzle on Saturday. After spending all day at the Crofton Library attending the USA Cycling Moto Ref Clinic (which i passed) I decided to treat myself to a hard workout. I'm glad the day called for a Tempo workout. I was able to generate enough heat to keep warm. The cool down part of the ride was brutal, as I started to freeze up pretty good after about 10 mins. I was glad to get home. At the same time, I was glad I didn't do that workout on the rollers.

Some numbers for the week.


Weight at beginning of the week: 222 lbs
Weight at end of the week: 220 lbs
Calories Consumed: 16863 (2408 per day average)
Calories Burned: 23020 (15400 rmr + 7620 riding)
Net gain/loss: -6157 calorie deficit


5 sec: 1127 watts (carryover from 3/2)
1 min: 426 watts (3/23)
5 min: 323 watts (carryover from 3/15)
20 min: 253 watts (carryover from 3/15)

So the only improvement has been in my 1 minute power. Probably from all the form sprints and VO2 Max intervals.


New beers tried this week (and accouted for in the meal log):

Harpoon UFO Hefenweiss (Ok, but not as good as Sam Adams)
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (Pretty good, but I think it's overated on Ratebeer.com)



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