Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Howdy ho!

Welcome to the first post on my new blog. On this blog I'll be chronicling my efforts to become a competent and competitive Masters racer after a long absence from the MABRA racing scene. I'll also be sharing my thoughts on the local racing scene from my aging racer's point of view and from my point of view as a newly minted class 'C' USA Cycling official/moto ref.

The purpose of my blog is to provide me the motivation to keep at what I'm doing, to document my progress and hope that what I'm doing might help someone else down the road. I will do my best to keep the content relative to the topic at hand except for the occasional post about beer, Ducati motorcycles, MotoGP or F1. I don't have a desire to share my private life outside of cycling anymore than someone else would want to read about it. I will do my best to keep my blog cycling related.

Look for the back story coming soon...



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