Monday, October 27, 2008

Cyclocross - Who opened the asylum doors?

There is a fine line in cycling between being hard and being crazy. Cyclocross blurs that line more than all the other disciplines combined.

I believe he finished the race after riding with no seat for 3 laps.

The more of these I attend, the more I wish I was doing it. I haven't done a cross race since Trek sponsored a weekly series 10+ years ago at Patapsco State park. I remember it being harder than anything else I had done on a bicycle and decided to stick to the road. I may change my mind in 2009.

The fashion statements at yesterday's event (and previous ones too) gave me an idea as to what I would wear next season were I to compete. My motoref zebra stripes and black brain bucket. Of course I would have to find a cheap cyclocross frameset and paint it Corsa Red and label it Ducati. I figure it to be good for a laugh and divert the attention from how much I will suck at cyclocross. One the other hand, It may look perfectly normal to see me in zebra stripes bringing up the rear, just like I do at the crits on my motorcycle.

Shout outs to my Latitude/ABRT teamates, Mike, Pete, Kyle, Chris, Andreas, and Tom. Great job fellas. I hope you could hear me cheering for you.

And to the dood who placed 3rd in the C race. Please get sick behind a bush next time. Big Jim can show you where is proper. The drive by puking you laid at my feet while I was working the pits was just gross.

Oh and one more thing to all; If you gonna hang around in or near the pits drinking beer while I'm working, you better got-damn bring one for me too! I sure would appreciate it.

A BIG BIG shout out to the organizers who didnt fold up the beer tent after the 123 race was over. Speaking for all the officals there, thanks for saving us a brew or two. They were good. Stoudts Pils is one I havnt seen before, but it's hoppy goodness was certainly appreicated on a crisp fall afternoon.


(photo – My LG Razor cell phone)


Greg said...

You linked the wrong guy, I finished 4th. Clearly a vomit-inducing effort was required to beat me, glad to hear.

Fatguy Racer said...

I linked your story for the guys name. I had no idea who it was. I was even more surpirsed to hear he got third. After calling out the time splits on your last time thru the pits, I though top 3 was locked up. I only found out that you lost out when I got up to the start finish to work the line for the next two races.

Still, 4th is a great result. Good job man!

Sean Sullivan said...

I hope you get to hop into one of these races this season!! I am headed out to HI as my next duty station so I get to have some awesome good weather to do some base training in. So I am excited for that but there is no cross season :-(

Fatguy Racer said...

Sean, I'd love to give it a go, but i'm signed on as a ref for all of them. Besides, i've got zero race fitness and no cross bike yet!

Good luck in HI. Surfs up!