Friday, November 7, 2008

Fatguy Roller Pic of the Week - 11-07-2008

Another week has gone by and I've managed to do seven hours of training since last weeks picture was taken. Seven hours in one week in November is pretty good considering my track record with off season training. Although I don't look any better, I do feel better and with 2 lifting sessions done for the week I am not nearly as sore as last week.

How about that shot? I took it doing a warm up set of squats. No one ever looks pretty doing squats do they?

My weight on 11/1/08 was 215. Great. This is gonna be much harder than I figured. One of the things I may be doing is skipping club rides until 2009. I've been doing a little reading about base training and I have come to the conclusion that for myself they might be counter productive right now. In the mean time I will more than likely ride with one of the slower groups that meet at Davidsonville or ride by myself. I will definitely be giving Big Jim a call for some winter LSD once he's done racing cross.




Anonymous said...


Nice form on the squat. Good luck and keep it up! mhh

Anonymous said...


In response to your comment on my blog:

Your basement is soooo much nicer than mine. The open studs are a nice touch. I like the smith machine. The two peices of equipment i'd like to have is the lat pulldown/cable row machine and a leg press sled. I just dont have the room for either. So squats and bent rows for me!

Mine is nice only because it was just finished. Give it a couple of months. I'd like a leg press sled too but have to lay on the floor and press the bar up with my legs on the Smith Machine. It works but I am afraid to use heavy weight for fear of hurting the back. mhh

Fatguy Racer said...

That's good thinking there. The Smith is a very versitle machine. When I was doing the body building thing 20 years ago, I used the Smith for seated military presses (my weakest lift) to get good form. Last night I finally figured out how to use my squat rack tower to do the seated mil press and not kill my back. It was no coincidence that I could add another 15 lbs on the last set.