Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Umbrella Girl of the Week

It's all over. Formula One crowns its first black champion, Lewis Hamilton. Hammy won it on the last corner of the last race on Sunday in Brazil. Despite the best efforts behind the scenes all season to hand the title to a Ferrari driver, Hammy pulled it off and I hope he walked right up to Max "I like Nazi Hookers" Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone and gave them both big "Fuck Yous!". Well, I'm sure he didn't 'cause he has class. But I don't, so I would have. Congratulations Lewis Hamilton!

In other news - Barrack Obama became our first black President elect.

Almost forgot...This will be the last one. Kyle Jones is back posting bike babes.



(Photo Hamilton:, Photo Umbrella girl: unknown.)

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