Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspirational Photography - RFK Crit 2009

(photo-Amy Jones)

This one goes on the refrigerator door. I'm hoping it will inspire me to leave it shut and walk away.

I could spend an entire day whining about why I am the suck right now, but it's all there in one picture and whining would be a waste of time, serving no purpose. Look at that fat bastard! If it weren't me in the photo, I'd think this pour schmuck is ready to keel over and give birth to that baby he's carrying. Normally I have no problem making fun of myself, but it's starting to not be funny anymore.

My wife, being the voice of reason and brutal honesty she usually is, is probably right about one thing. I should either stop half-assing my commitment to dieting and training, or give it up racing altogether and just ride with the tourist. I really love this sport, so I think it's time to really put the other half of my ass into it.

The day wasn't a total wash. I turned 46 over the weekend and got to spend the day with my dad who was really great about hanging out all day. In spite of my ego bruising not once, but twice, I had a really fun day.

Thanks Dad!

(photo-Lance Lacy or Paul Bayer, using my camera. Those are Lance's wheels, so ask him about them. LOL!)

My next mass start race will probably be the Bowie Crit, since it's so close to home and 8 weeks away. Plenty of time to get some quality training in. In the meantime, the Greenbelt B race is gonna be for me. If I start now, maytbe buy the last one in August, I may make it thru an entire race without going OTB.

In a more positive note, watch out for the Ducati ST4s screaming around Crystal City in all it's dry clutch and carbon fiber exhaust glory during the Air Force Classic on Sunday. While my racing is going backwards, my officiating career is moving well forward. I got my B moto upgrade last week, so in the words of Navin Johnson...

"Things will start happening to me now!"




GamJams said...

Dude, you don't "sound like a typical bastard" to me.

Good to see you out there on the skinny set of wheels this weekend. Keep at it.

Bryan Vaughan said...

I say keep going! I've got some great pics of me rolling around pushing 240 from not that long ago ;)

Fatguy Racer said...

Thanks fellas.

Bryan - You are my role model buddy. Heck, I've got some pictures of you when you were 240 and rocking a Rabobank jersey in Cat 4 races.